Our Fees

We are committed to providing honest, high-quality service. Therefore, our UK visa fees policy is fair, transparent, and straightforward.

We are transparent and open about our immigration lawyer costs. We operate mainly on a fixed fee basis. At the start of your matter, we will tell you what it will cost.

The fixed fee will only change if substantial changes in your circumstances require significant extra work. Otherwise, the fixed price is what you will pay.


Type of Service Legal Fee
Consultation up to one hour From £100
Ancestry Applications From £1800 -£2200
Child Dependant Applications From £1800
Deportation Revocation
(excluding court attendance)
From £1000
Extension of leave to remain From £1200 to £1800
EEA Applications From £1500
Family applications From £500
added for each additional applicant
Grounds of Appeal From £500
ILR Applications From £1500
Married and Unmarried Partner applications From£1500 to £2000 depending on complexity
Naturalisation or Registration From £1000
Representation before the First Tier Tribunal From £2500
Representation before the Upper Tier Tribunal From £2000
Settlement visa From £2000
Sponsor Licence Application From £2500 – £3000
Tier 2 Applications / Skilled Worker From £1200 – £1500
Tier 4 Applications From £1000
Tier 5 Applications From £1000
Visitors visa From £1000

Our Services

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British Citizenship and Settlement
Appeals, Asylum, Detention and Deportation
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If you would like more information about our fees and the services that we offer, please get in touch via phone or email. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements.